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Karate classes are in Deepcut village centre.

Kushido Karate-Do is based on traditional Okinawan goju ryu karate along with some other styles of karate. If you choose to join us you will not only learn karate but discipline, respect, healthy living, and self defence. So why not come along and have a look for yourself.

Unlike some martial arts kushido is not a sport, the purpose of Kushido is for self development at your own pace and you’ll also make lots of friends.


Training at Deepcut.

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7.00pm to 8.30pm (Adults - All Levels)
First Monday of each month will be Weapons class.
7.00pm to 8.30pm (Adults - All Levels)
10.00am - 11.30am(Kids - All Levels)

10.00am - 11.00am (kids age 5-9)


Phone Sensei Jon on 01276 505756 or E-mail for more information.


The general goal in studying kushido Karate Do is to acquire the ability to extract all that is concealed within one's self in order to control one's own powers. Kushido is a Martial Art that does not strive for victory, but rather shapes one's character. All the while acquiring experience during useful training's. Kushido also aims toward self defence.
Due to hard and systematic training, the body forms itself into an efficient and effective weapon. Kushido training's incorporate physical and mental energy into every single action performed.
The aim of guided training is to uplift the body and mind into its maximum capability.
Through confronting success and failure, the student may have to deal with various human emotions and a wide range of experiences which strengthen body and spirit.
The main principle of Kushido is not to defeat an opponent but overcome one’s own limitations and weaknesses.

Constant training will endow you with tranquillity, ability to concentrate and understand one’s own surrounding in daily life.

Children’s classes

The children's class is open to all children from the age of 5, to the age of 15. We teach the children separately from the adults because their needs are different. The classes are not as intense nor are they as physical as the adult class, they also work on a different grading system. We play games (if time allows) each week, the games are designed to teach co-ordination, team work, social skills, confidence and body awareness....etc, the list goes on. Our aims for the children are to provide at least one training class per week, where we teach ~Karate-do ~Basic self defence, relevant to age group being taught. ~Breathing, body, and postural awareness.
As a teaching organization, we have a number of unique qualities. Kushido is not a "sport", but a long-term development process, and an art form. We have a very good safety record, and seek to run children's classes with discipline that is firm, but fun. We have instructors from a wide range of professions, and are able to maintain a very good instructor / student ratio. We've also seen the success of having gentle, open contact with children, that is not judgmental.

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Training location:

All classes take place at Deepcut Village Centre, Cyprus Road, Deepcut, Surrey, GU16 6TB



From Camberley Town Centre: Follow the A30 London Road towards Bagshot, go past the Fire Station and at the Jolly Farmer Roundabout (American Golf) turn right (2nd exit) into the B3015 The Maultway.  Continue along B3015 The Maultway, over the M3 until you come to a roundabout.  Continue over the roundabout (2nd exit), still B3015 The Maultway.  Continue for approximately a mile and the B3015 The Maultway becomes the B3015 Deepcut Bridge Road.  Continue until you come to two roundabouts - at the second roundabout turn left (1st exit) into Earl of Chester Drive, which takes you into the Dettingen Park housing estate.  Continue all the way to the end of Earl of Chester Drive and Deepcut Village Centre will be the building in front of you and slightly to the right.  Turn right into Crimea Road and then immediately left and left again into the car park.

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