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Kushido karate is a traditional martial art originating from Goju Ryu Karate-Do, Kobudo and Tai-Chi, and includes elements of Shotokan, Aikido and Kobudo.  We are a not for profit organisation run by volunteers for the love of the art and have been based in the Camberley area since 1990.  We run classes every week at Deepcut village centre for Adults (Monday and Wednesday 7:00 to 8:30pm) and Children (10 to 11:30am).

Our Deepcut dojo

Kushido is not about competition, ego or the winning of trophies and medals – instead it is all about the progress of the individual.  Indeed, our "dojo kun" is:

-  Be humble, courteous & honourable

-  Eliminate all ego

Through regular training, Kushido karate helps you to feel more balanced in life, to be more self-confident and to achieve your goals.  It is particularly beneficial to children by helping them to become less aggressive, to concentrate better and for longer, to develop and improve their feeling of self-esteem and to respect themselves and others.

The practise of Kushido karate has no upper age limit and is equally good for both sexes.  The minimum age is 5 years old and every single person, prepared to invest time and effort, can improve on many different levels that will in turn help them to master the challenges of daily life more successfully.

Kushido karate-do started in 1963 and came to the UK in 1990 with the opening of our dojo in Camberley.  Today, Kushido UK is headed up by  Jonathan Dolbear second dan with the help of 3 1st dan black belts.

Our doors are always open to new members, so please feel free to come along anytime to watch a class and ask any questions that you may have.

Adults karate classes are held on Monday and Wednesday evenings, with the Children's class on Saturday mornings.  All of our karate classes are held at Deepcut Village Centre.
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For more details contact Sensei Jonathan on 01276 505756 or send an e-mail to jond1973@hotmail.com




*Free month training refers to normal classes.  Additional courses will cost extra. 

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